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 Dungeon Challenge Modes

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PostSubject: Dungeon Challenge Modes   Dungeon Challenge Modes EmptyTue Oct 25, 2011 4:26 pm

Dungeon Challenge Modes

Heroic Dungeons will become easier for pick-up-groups (PuGs) to take on, but that won’t leave players who are looking for a more difficult path out in the cold. Dungeon Challenge Modes will let those looking for a deeper challenge take on dungeon runs with specific goals (complete dungeon in X minutes) and reward players who accomplish these goals with Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals. Challengers will also find their gear scaled to equalize the difficulty of the encounter for all players, creating a level playing field. To the victor will go the spoils, in the form of uniquely designed statless gear that can be utilized with Transmogrification to further define the look of a character.

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Dungeon Challenge Modes
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